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Uraufführung20.07.82 Graz, Minoritensaal / AIMS-Studenten
Über das WerkIn place of a long analysis, a few points about Projections for Wind Quintet: The first projection is a simple arithmetical one: Movement I is the entire piece in miniature, and its three sections have the proportions 3 : 4½ : 7 ½ . The three movements of the piece are 3, 4½ and 7½ minutes in length. At least they were supposed to be. But then it developed that one or two ideas had to be given their head, which jumbled that neat little scheme a bit. Not that I mind, for I have never considered the study of mathematics as a substitute for the study of music, and I refuse to accept the stopwatch as a musical instrument and to confuse its ticking with rhythm. The musical projections are more important. These are too numerous and too varied to list in a thumbnail sketch. Basically, there is nothing that happens after the first section of Movement I - the shortest part of the piece - that has not already been introduced in a tentative way in that first section: a number (5), a rhythmic pattern, a row, and "focal tones" which recur throughout the whole work. They control the row relationships of a movement and are occasionally even audible with the naked ear. The rest is extension, development by variation, expansion, contraction, transplantation - in short, "Projections".
A sequel to Projections, a set of 10 "Companion Pieces to a Wind Quintet", revisits as it were certain features and aspects of the initial work.
Projections is dedicated to Hans Erich Apostel, with whom I studied in Vienna.

Eugene Hartzell